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Magic: The Gathering Worldwake Prerelease in St. Petersburg FL

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Prerelease Worldwake
Check out all the event details for the upcoming Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2010 Prerelease in St. Petersburg

When: January 30th, 2010 (01/30/10) at 11:00AM
Entry Fee: $25 and includes 6 brand new boosters to use in the tournament
Where: Fun Express in John's Pass Village
Address: 12997 Village Blvd. Madeira Beach, FL 33708
Prizes: The first 36 participants receive mythic foil promo card Comet Storm, plus there is a minimum of 2 booster packs added to the prize pool per entry! Prizes awarded to the top players and as random door prizes!

All rounds will be run swiss style which means the every player plays a set number of rounds and the top places depends on how many match wins and losses you have in the tournament. All ties will be broken using the DCI tiebreakers.

Prerelease Tournament Format:
Worldwake Sealed Deck - Each player receives 3 Worldwake booster packs and 3 Zendikar Boosters to be used for deck construction.

There is also additional side events scheduled. The format is Booster Draft 2 Worldwake Boosters and 1 Zendikar Booster. Entry Fee is $12.

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Prerelease WorldWake

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