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April FNM Card - Tendrils of Agony

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Tendrils of Agony

Here is a picture of the card...


You guys have got two chances to win one of this awesome cards, April 3rd & 17th at 6:00PM!!!



Conflux Launch Promo!

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Every participant at our Conflux Launch Event receives one of these fine DCI promo cards...

Obelisk of Alara


Friday Night Magic!

Friday Night Magic FNM
FNM at Fun Express is held on select Fridays throughout the month. Every event has 4 DCI foil prize cards awarded to the top 3 places and 1 as a random door prize. FNM is always a blast to try out your latest deck type in a casual tournament invironment!

Event Details -
Event Title: Friday Night Magic (FNM)
Entry Fee: $6
Prizes: See prize structure below - DCI official foil promo cards
Format: Double Elemination - Standard Constructed Deck - Rel Level 8K

Prize Structure -

 Players: Pack Payouts:
 8 1st 5, 2nd 3, 3rd-4th 2
 10 1st 6, 2nd 4, 3rd-4th 2
 12 1st 7, 2nd 4, 3rd-4th 3
 14 1st 8, 2nd 5, 3rd-4th 3
 16 1st 9, 2nd 5, 3rd-4th 4



Magic: The Gathering Tournament

Saturday at 7PM is when we hold our 16k sanctioned MTG Booster Drafts. The booster sets change from week to week so please call, write, or visit the store for more information on which we are using this week.

Event Details -
Event Title: Magic: The Gathering Booster Draft Tournament
Entry Fee: $12 (Includes 3 packs for the draft)
Prizes: Rochester the Rares - Random Booster Pack Door Prizes - Foil DCI Promo Cards
Format: Swiss Style Pairings - Rounds based on participation


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Prerelease WorldWake

New Game Releases!

New Releases
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