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Yu-Gi-Oh! Huge Crowds!

Hi Folks,

We had another fantastic player turnout last week for our Yu-Gi-Oh! $7 Tournament, so for all those who showed up last week, thanks for coming!

And this week we have another for your gaming enjoyment, here are the details…


4:30pm – Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced Constructed Tournament. Everybody’s been having a great time with these ultra-fun and inexpensive Saturday events. Come on over and flip some cards this weekend, good times are assured! Entry just $7.

In regards to product information…

Restocks of Yu-Gi-Oh! booster packs including all foil set Hidden Arsenal! Ultra Pro Plastic Deck Boxes made it in this weekend as well.

That’s all for this time, and don’t forget about the rapidly approaching Yu-Gi-Oh! Sneak Preview which will be premier in February, and the always fun MTG Worldwake Prerelease happening at the end of the month. Check www.funexpressgames.com for details on these exciting events!

Thanks a million for reading!

Until next time,
Fun Express Village

Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 January 2010 18:58 )

eNews! - New Year of Gaming!

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New Year of Gaming + Announcements!

Hey Folks,

Welcome to the New Year! Just as 2009 was a great year for gaming, 2010 promises to be even better with its many fantastic releases and tournament formats. From all of us here at Fun Express, we want to extend our heart-felt thanks for your continued support through 2009 and into 2010. My hat goes off to you all!

Now before I jump into the event breakdown for this weekend, I have an important announcement to make. Effective immediately, Magic The Gathering FNM and Saturday Draft Night are canceled until further notice. Prerelease and release events for upcoming MTG sets including the spicily new and highly anticipated Worldwake will continue as normal, but weekly events (due to a consistent drop in attendance) will cease immediately. Thanks goes to the loyal few who frequented these tournaments, and we hope to be able to bring these tournaments back in the future at some point.

Now, with that out of the way, to this weekend!

4:30pm – Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced Constructed Tournament! Already bolstered with fantastic attendance numbers, these inexpensive and highly enjoyable tournaments are a great way to play a great game. Lots of fun to be had here! Entry just $7 and includes a booster! See you there.

New product updates include restocks of Tactical Evoulution, Light of Destruction, Phantom Darkness, and Hidden Aresenal Yu-Gi-Oh! Booster Packs.

We had the biggest Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament attendance numbers in over 2 years last weekend, so I hope to see many here at the tables this weekend as well!

You can download the latest January Calendar Here. - It features the Magic: The Prerelease Tournament, and exciting Free Double Duels Tournaments and the rest of the months festivities.

Also, click here to view the full event details on the Magic: The Gathering Worldwake Prerelease.

Thanks for reading and for showing up to the events, and welcome back to school.

See you at the tables,

Fun Express Village

P.S. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Absolute Powerforce Sneak Peek is coming February 6th, 2010!

Last Updated ( Friday, 08 January 2010 17:13 )

eNews! - School Out!

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School is Out!

Hi Folks,

School’s out! So with that now out of the way, here’s the question… Are you ready to ddddduellll!


4:30pm – Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced Constructed Tournament $7. We’ve been seeing great player turnout for this event, and lots of new deck technology, so come over and flip some cards!

7:00pm – MTG Draft night is ZZ10 this week, should be fun! $12.

Product updates include Stardust Overdrive Special Editions, and restocks of all foil Yu-Gi-Oh! Set Hidden Arsenal, 9- pocket binders, and sleeves.

That’s all for this time. I’ll see you at the pass’ for good gaming this Saturday 12/19 starting at 4:30pm.

Merry Christmas!

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 16 December 2009 23:20 )
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