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eNews! - Zendikar Prerelease This Weekend + New Yu-Gi-Oh! Tins

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Zendikar Prerelease is here!

Howdy Folks,

So usually in this segment of the eNews program I make some witty remarks about a new card set release or on some of our fantastic events coming up here at the shop, but for this week (and don't get used to it), I'm going to spare you. Yep, see instead I'm simply going to give you 7 reasons why you're going to want to be here this Saturday for the Magic The Gathering Zendikar Prerelease Event. There are many more reasons to be here this weekend at the event, but with a set this amazing I might break my computer listing them to you! Off we go.

7 Reasons to Attend the Magic The Gathering Zendikar Prerelease Event this Saturday 11am at Fun Express...


7. I heard there were enemy fetchlands (*%*&^% no way!) Yes it's true.

6. Prereleases are fun! I mean really, they really are fun. No gimmicks or BS about it.

5. When a player loudly declares that they kicked something, they're probably not referencing any physical violence. However, if you ask that player's opponent, he might have a different take on things.

4. It's sealed format, which means you're getting 6 brand new boosters filled with Zendikar goodness a full week before non-prerelease attendees even get a whiff of that freshly cracked booster pack smell.

3. The real estate market might be down for most people here in Florida, but if you play MTG it's booming! On top of the fetches have you seen those extended art basic lands? ZOMG

2. You just might be able to suck the life out of your opponent this weekend long before those buffoonish vampires from Twilight get the privilege. (sign me up for this one please).

1. And the #1 reason to be here this weekend at the Zendikar Prerelease is to recognize and act on great things when they come around. This seriously might just be the best base set produced since Onslaught! I wouldn't miss it if I were you. Oh, and we're drafting after the sealed event!

So there you have it, 7 reasons to be here at the Prerelease this weekend! The Zendikar Prerelease starts Saturday at 11am, event entry is $25, and each participant receives 6 booster packs to build at least a 40 card deck with. Promo cards are going out to participants while supplies last so be here on time to register!

That last part of #1 brings up an important point!

Draft night will continue this weekend at Fun Express! Same convenient time, same place, same price... you get it, the same as always. That is except one important change.

Draft night hosts the Prereleased 3x Zendikar Draft format this weekend! It's going to be ahhmazing!

Draft Event Details: Starts 7pm, entry is $12, and each participant receives 3 boosters to draft with.

Okay, now my Yu-Gi-Oh Duelists forgot you have I not!

Brand new tins with the blonde Kaiba (aka: Jack Atlas) on the front have arrived, and in celebration of this we're doing a special Win A Tin Event! As is usual with our Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments, the event starts at 4:30pm, the format is Advanced, and entry is just $7. Be there!

There is also a fresh restock on all the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Booster Sets!

Well that's what I have for you this week. It's going to be a great weekend of gaming! I'd encourage you to take part in the festivities; it'll be a blast I promise.

See you at the Pass'



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