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Yu-Gi-Oh! Storm of Ragnarok Sneak Peek in St. Petersburg

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Hey Folks,

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Storm of Ragnarok Sneak Peek is THIS SATURDAY at 4:30PM! I have heard a lot of great things about this set, and we expect a full house so it should be a good time as always!


Entry $20
Date: 02/05/2011
Time: 4:30pm
What you get: 5x booster packs of the new Yu-Gi-Oh! Storm of Ragnarok set, plus entry into the Advanced Constructed tournament that will follow. Make sure you bring your deck, because a tournament with prizes is following the booster rip!

On top of that, the recent snow and ice storms around the country have delayed one of the parcels from getting here in time for Saturday, so we will be strictly limited to 32 players for the event.  Call ahead to reserve a spot if you want to guarantee admittance into the event.


These sneak events are a lot of fun, so be there if you can!

See you Saturday,

Fun Express

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