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eNews! Magic 2010 Prerelease Is Here + Yugi Duelist Pack

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Prerelease This Weekend

Hello Folks,

Player 1: It's here!

Player 2: What's here?

Player 1: New MTG Base Set M10!

Player 3: ZOMG!

Okay, so internet shorthand shenanigans aside, the new MTG M10 Prerelease is this weekend! And that means some seriously fun Limited Format play, all Saturday long!
Here is the day's event itinerary...


12:00pm, MTG M10 Prerelease begins. Entry is $25, the format is Sealed Deck, and all participants receive 6 brand new MTG M10 booster packs to form their card pool and build a deck with. In addition to the 6 packs, each participant will receive the very cool Vampire Nocturnus promo card! For $25 bucks you can't beat this, so I hope to see many of you here this Saturday at 12:00pm slinging cards at this very exciting Prerelease Event!

Click here for full event details.

4:30pm, Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced Constructed Duelist Pack Prize Event! Corresponding with the release of the new Duelist Pack, this fun event offers competitors the chance at winning some brand new Yugi Duelists Packs! Ultra Rare Mirror Force!! Yes please. Entry fee is $10.

7:00pm, MTG Draft Night at Fun Express introduces the new MTG M10 set and corresponding draft format M10M10M10! To celebrate the new set, this Prerelease Draft Night will also be handing participants a new Vampire Nocturnus promo card to those who enter! Entry is $12, and rares will not be rochestered as per new release tradition.  Be there people, it's going to be a blast!

New Yugi Duelist Packs are in stock, get them while they last!

That's what I've got for you this week folks, check out the July Calendar Here, and I hope to see many of you down at the pass' this weekend for a fun gaming experience.

Til' then,


Last Updated ( Thursday, 09 July 2009 23:48 )

eNews! New July Calendar + Happy 4th of July

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Hi Folks,

The Fourth of July is just days away, and as this great country gets ready to celebrate its independence by lighting up the sky, we here at Fun Express have cooked up some events this Friday and Saturday that are sure to set the tone for a brand new month of good gaming!

Off we go…


We at the shop did not deem it necessary to offer our Magic:TG players the hard choice between July Fourth Fireworks and fantastic MTG Drafting, so we just scheduled Draft Night on Friday this week instead of the usual Saturday. Everything else pertaining to the event is the same, it still starts at 7:00pm, entry is still $12, and rares will be rochestered as usual. Moreover, we’ve got fancy Murderous Redcap FNM Promo Cards to give out to top finishers, so be there!  

Also, the new Magic base set M10 is just around the corner! The Prerelease event is next week (can you believe it?!?!)! Entry is $25, and it starts that Saturday at 12pm (07/11). Have you seen that spoiler guys? It’s gonna’ be awesome!


Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced Constructed Tournament starts at the usual 4:30pm this Saturday, and promises duelists the opportunity to get there game on while finishing in time to check out the 4th festivities. Entry to the event is $7, and prizes will be based on player participation using our prize payout system. Hope to see you there!

Go to the website and download/print a copy of July’s brand new Gaming Calendar, there’s lots of cool stuff on there including the soon coming Magic:TG M10 Prerelease which is just 1 week away! Do it now! <<< Click Here!!! >>>

Product updates include a restock on MTG boosters, Yu-Gi-Oh! boosters, and Pokemon boosters and theme decks. Ultra Pro Plastic Deckboxes in assorted colors have just arrived as well.

That’s all for this week everyone. Hope to see many of you this Friday and Saturday for the events, and on behalf of all of us here at the shop, I want to wish everyone a very happy 4th of July! Have fun this weekend!

See you at the Pass’

Last Updated ( Thursday, 02 July 2009 23:38 )

eNews! - Gold Series #2 Is Here!

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Hey Folks,

So this week we’ve got plenty of gaming events that are sure to excite! On top of this, we also have a new Yu-Gi-Oh! Release with the Gold Series Packs, and special events offering the duelists the chance at winning some awesome new Gold Series Packs! Here are the details.

Friday Night:

Starting 6:00pm, Friday Night Magic returns with another dose of Standard Constructed right along with it. Entry to FNM will be a nominal $6, and we’ve got some awesome promos to give away including the month’s Wren’s Run Vanquisher, as well as Path to Exile and Hellspark Elemental Promo cards.
*It’s almost as if a hear a Swans of Bryn Argoll flapping in the distance. **Wait what’s this?? The Swan is being chased by a Thought Hemorrhage? Madness.


With the opportunity for duelists to score brand new Gold Series Booster Packs by playing in tournaments, Saturday’s gaming events kick off with a special Yu-Gi-Oh! Gold Series Event! With an entry of just $10, sling that advanced format deck of yours around to get a shot at obtaining the cards from the new set! The first of these special Gold Series Events start Saturday afternoon at 12:00pm, with a second Gold Series Event starting at the usual 4:30pm. Should be fun!

MTG Draft Night features a very special Draft Format this Saturday that is sure to be interesting! Starting at 7:00pm with the usual $12 entry, I’d be there if I were you. Plus Alara Reborn is so awesome!

As far as product updates are concerned, the new Yu-Gi-Oh! Gold Series Packs are currently in stock! For those who preordered their packs we have them for you $19.99 (See it pays to take action!). If you didn’t preorder them we now have them available while they last for $24.99. This is an amazing set with so many ultra playable cards, so get on them while you can!

June is just around the corner, and so is the June gaming calendar! Stay tuned for this next week.

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you at the pass’ this weekend for some cool gaming under the hot sun.

- Colin
Last Updated ( Thursday, 28 May 2009 21:58 )

eNews! - Regular Tournament Weekend

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Download the new May Calendar

Hey All,

I want to start this week’s eNews by thanking all that came out for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Raging Battle Sneak Preview and MTG Alara Reborn Release Celebration Events last weekend. Record attendance was achieved and plenty of fun had, so my hat’s off to you all!

Now on to this week:

We kick the gaming festivities off this Saturday (05/09) with a Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced Constructed Tournament at 4:30pm! Entry to the event is only $7, and prizes will be distributed in accordance with our pack payout system. It’s time to flash those new Raging Battle cards and dominate the meta’. I’ll be waiting to see what everyone’s take is on the new set’s constructed applications. Should be fun!

Closing the night out in style is Saturday mainstay Magic:TG Draft Night at Fun Express!  Starting at 7:00pm, the new ACR (Alara, Conflux, Reborn) format makes its second appearance at St. Petersburg’s premier gaming store. After the X-0 (undefeated) Jund performance from last week’s ACR, I will be ultra curious as to what will emerge this week. It has been so long since I’ve seen Bant make it to the top, I’m beginning to question whether the guild really has what it takes to go the distance. Will this be the week it redeems its lofty reputation? You’ll just have to be here to find out. Entry: $12, each participant receives three boosters to draft with. Rares will be rochestered as usual.

Looking for the May Calender? Download your copy of it here http://www.funexpressgames.com/files/calendar_may_09.pdf

Big thanks to all our readers/subscribers/players. It was awesome seeing many of you turn out for last weekend’s release events!

See you at the pass,
Last Updated ( Thursday, 07 May 2009 16:52 )

eNews! - Sneak Peek + Launch

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Hey Guys,

This Friday and Saturday at Fun Express we’ve got some great events that are sure to set the tempo for a brand new month of fantastic gaming! To the card game fan, nothing is more exciting then a brand new set release, and that’s exactly what we’ve got coming to start things off in May. But we don’t have just one new release coming….

No. Not just one.

That’s right; we’ve got TWO new release events starting May off! I did say this weekend was going to set the tempo for the month. I wasn’t kidding.

So the breakdown of events this Friday/Saturday May 1-2nd…

Last Updated ( Thursday, 30 April 2009 12:40 ) Read more...
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