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eNews! - A Spell has been placed!

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Hello Folks,

A spell has been placed on the tables of Fun Express in preparation for the Spellcaster’s Command Release Celebration!!! And for the Magic Players out there, we have our first week of Merrow FNM promo cards plus the Alara Block draft on Saturday.

Here is this weekend’s event schedule…
Friday -
6:00PM Friday Night Magic - $6

Saturday –
4:30PM Spellcaster’s Command Structure Deck tournament. - $15
(Every person receives a brand new deck with their entry, and prizes will be a few packs, and some promo cards!) – This event is limited to the first 16 participants so if you would like a spot held for you, please call or email the shop.

7:00PM Magic: The Gathering Alara Block Booster Draft - $12
(Entry fee includes all the packs needed for the draft, and we also have some random DCI promo cards to be awarded.)

The store received the new duelist tins last week, and is offering them at an incredible price of $8, that includes the tin, the promo card, the promo pack, 3 Yusei packs, and one duelist genesis.

Also we have a few extra Spellcaster’s Command decks for sale as well.

Only 3 weeks away from Alara Reborn prerelease so get prepared to experience the final set in the alara block! The main event kicks off at 12:00PM and we have a side event drafts at 4:30PM, and 7:00PM

That will do it for this week, thanks for reading.
- Mark

P.S. You can download the new April calendar here.

P.S.S. Check out the video about the tournaments we will be running for April on the home page.

Last Updated ( Friday, 10 April 2009 20:41 )

Suprise FNM Card

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Check this video out about a little surprise that I received to from the folks at Fed Ex...

Last Updated ( Friday, 10 April 2009 20:41 )

eNews! - Box Prize & SSE Draft!

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SSE Booster Draft!

Hi Folks,

The week’s gaming events at Fun Express start Saturday with a Yu-Gi-Oh! Box Prize Tournament at 4:30pm. Entry to this event will be $15 and a box of the latest expansion will be distributed amongst the top competitors, baring sufficient attendance*.

Next up at 7:00pm is a MTG Booster Draft, with an entry fee of $12. The format? SSE. Featuring last year’s pack favorites Shadowmoor/Shadowmoor/Eventide, the event is sure to be a blast from the past, and is definitely not something to miss.  See you there!

For those who haven’t downloaded it yet, The March Gaming Calendar, with all kinds of cool events including a Charity Tournament, is now up at FunExpressGames.com. Head on over to the website to check out this months schedule.

As for new products, we have back in stock both new Yu-Gi-Oh! expansions - Yusei Duel Packs and Crimson Crisis -, as well as Shadowmoor and Eventide boosters for Magic the Gathering.

Thanks to all readers of our e-News and the players who support us, as well as a special thanks to our MTG players for making last Saturday’s draft the biggest ever!

See you at the shop,

- Colin
Last Updated ( Thursday, 26 March 2009 11:26 )

eNews! - Yu-Gi-Oh! Relay For Life Tournament!

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Play for Relay! - Sat. @ 4:30PM

Hello Folks,

Gaming events start this Friday at Fun Express with a Magic the Gathering FNM Standard Constructed Event. Entry is $6, and on top of pack prizes the ultra cool Kitchen Finks Promo card will be handed out to top finishers and expert dice rollers. I wouldn’t miss it if I were you.

After Friday’s tournament, Saturday’s gaming schedule rolls out with a very special event allowing players of Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG to partake in an opportunity to duel for a cause. Starting at 4:30 pm, Fun Express will be hosting our annual Relay for Life Tournament with 100% of the entry fee proceeds going directly to the American Cancer Society in connection with their Relay for Life Event. I’d personally like to see a great majority of our player base out at the shop for this worthwhile event, so I’ll see you Saturday at 4:30pm. Entry fee for the tournament is $7 and due to the charitable nature of the event, playmats and other official Yu-Gi-Oh! swag will substitute for pack prizes.

Following the Relay event, MTG Draft Night starts at 7:00pm with an AAC (Alara, Alara, Conflux) booster draft. $12 buys you into the event, and all rares will be distributed at the end of the swiss rounds in the usual fashion.

If you still haven’t downloaded it, FunExpressGames.com March Event Calendar is available on the website. Download it now!

As for product updates, Shards of Alara is back in stock after its temporary absence last week, and new Players Choice Gaming Sleeves are back in stock for both gaming platforms (Yu-Gi-Oh! and Standard sizes).

Many thanks to our readers/subscribers; we’ll see you at the Pass! 

- Colin

Last Updated ( Thursday, 02 April 2009 11:45 )

eNews! - A Fun Weekend of Gaming!

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Download the new April Calendar

Hi Folks,

Gaming events roll out at Fun Express this Saturday afternoon with a Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced Constructed event. The tournament starts at 4:30pm. and entry fee is $7. Prizes are based on our new pack payout system.  

As Saturday becomes Saturnight, MTG players are invited to the fun experience of drafting the Alara Block (AAC). Starting at 7:00pm, entry to the event is $12 and each participant receives three packs to draft with. Prizes will be distributed in accordance with tradition.

The month of April is almost upon us, and with it comes a whole host of new gaming events including exciting release events for Yu-Gi-Oh! and MTG! Download a copy of the April event calendar for yourself here and be in the know for all things gaming at Fun Express.

Back in stock are player choice sleeves in an assortment of colors for both gaming platforms (Yu-Gi-Oh! and Standard), as well as restocks on latest Yu-Gi-Oh! expansion Crimson Crisis and Alara/Conflux MTG sets.

Many thanks to all of our readers/subscribers who continue to support us. We’ll see you this weekend at the Pass’.

- Colin
Last Updated ( Friday, 10 April 2009 20:41 )
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