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eNews! - FNM + Crimson + Draft = Great Weekend!

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Special Treat at the Booster Draft!

This week we’ve got a great lineup of events starting Friday with FNM (Friday Night Magic). These events run only once every two weeks, so make sure to head down to the shop and play your standard format concoction to try and snag this month’s exclusive promo card, Kitchen Finks!

But the events don’t stop there, Saturday’s gaming menu starts with a Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced Constructed Tournament as the first course, which will be served starting 4:30 p.m. at a cost of $7.

Next up is our weekly Magic:TG Booster Draft which starts at 7:00 p.m. and costs $12 to enter. Each participant receives three boosters to play with, and all drafts include a side of basic lands.

But what about desert?

Well, as those who drafted with us last week know, our MTG
Shards/Conflux/Conflux Draft this weekend might not include desert,
but there’s definitely something especially sweet about it. For those
who weren’t in attendance last week and have no idea what I’m talking
about, you’ll just have to be here this weekend to find out. See you

Be sure to check FunExpressGames.com for March’s Event Calendar, which will give you the gaming forecast for the month. The Calendar should be posted shortly.

In other news, there is a potential for special Spring Break 09’ Gaming Events, so stay tuned to our Calendar and Gaming-e-News for announcements on this.

As far as product updates go, Yu-Gi-Oh! Crimson Crisis, the latest expansion for the CCG, is now in stock and ready for purchase. Other Restocks include MTG Conflux/Shards and Ultra Pro card binders.

Thanks to all readers/subscribers of the Gaming-Enews for your continued support and presence at the shop, I hope to see many of you this weekend!

- Colin
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 18 March 2009 18:14 )

Gaming eNews! - Yu-Gi-Oh! Sneak Peek This Saturday

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Sneak Preview Tomorrow!

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Crimson Crisis Sneak Peek is coming to the shop this Saturday at 4:30PM! So, get ready to experience the newest set first with 5 full packs for the main event. Entry is only $25 and includes 5 new packs plus an additional entry pack, and a brand new promo card!!!

All the rules, and full event details can be found here.

I am expecting you to attend, so if want to guarantee your spot in the event please call or reply to this email and let me know that you will be attending.

After the event, if there are boosters remaining we will be holding booster drafts for an entry of $15 and that includes 3 new packs.

I made a short video for this weekend that can be viewed here as well.

Also, the new Yusei booster packs released today. Each pack contains 5 cards, and they can be purchased at the store.

If you do plan on playing in the Magic: The Gathering booster draft this week, the event starts at 7:30PM instead of the usual 7:00PM. And, the new FNM prize card for the month of March is none other than standard legal Kitchen Finks. How cool is that!?

Thank you for being a valued member of the eNews and I home to see you this weekend.
- Mark

P.S. There will be some random door prizes awarded in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Sneak Peek!
Last Updated ( Friday, 13 March 2009 13:09 )

The Packs Are In!

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Last Updated ( Friday, 13 March 2009 13:10 )

Gaming eNews - 3 Great Events On This Weekend

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Sneak Preview Next Weekend!

Hello Folks,

We have three regular events on this weekend for your enjoyment!

Kicking things off on Friday at 6:00PM is Friday Night Magic entry is only $6 and there is 4 really cool Myr Enforcer foils up for grabs!

The second is a Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament on Saturday at 4:30PM, entry is just $7 and includes an entry pack.

And of course, at 7:00PM on Saturday a Magic: The Gathering Shards-Shards-Conflux Booster Draft for just $12 bucks and includes all the packs needed for the draft.

Also, calling all the Yu-Gi-Oh! Players in St. Petersburg!!!

Last Updated ( Friday, 27 February 2009 17:51 ) Read more...
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